Being accessible to all taxpayers

Information and services should be equally accessible to all members of our community

  • Continue to make information easily available to taxpayers via website, in office and by phone
  • Ensure physical location services are accessible by persons of all abilities
  • Prompt communication with tax-payers regarding changes in processes and procedures

Taking advantage of the new technologies

We need to take advantage of new technologies that will help our office to be more effective for taxpayers

  • Take advantage of current technology such as (Qless) that help reduce time taxpayers spend in our offices
  • Seek to use text based messaging to communicate with taxpayer
  • Integrate E-mail notifications to enhance taxpayer communication

Ensuring staff, data and finances remain secure

  • As data breaches become more common, I would push to ensure that taxpayer information is being protected
  • Take necessary precautions to protect staff and taxpayer safety in the office
  • Ensure future partners are committed to the public's trust

**Check back later for updates.