Craig Weinaug, former Douglas County Administrator

"Adam is a dedicated public servant who is sensitive to the needs of taxpayers. He has shown commitment to continuing his education and has a willingness to think outside the box. He is committed to keeping the Treasurer’s Office up to date and professional. His current position as Deputy Treasurer has helped him understand what it means to be a county official." - Craig

Tracy Manly, Kearny County Treasurer

"Adam Rains has many great qualities. He started out his career in the Kearny County Treasurer's Office working for me, where he was always dependable. We employed Adam when the state was implementing the new tagging system. The system was difficult to implement, but he helped navigate the problems. Adam's ability to problem solve was a great asset during that time and continued through his time here. He always took good care of the customers. I'm endorsing Adam because he will make a great Treasurer for Douglas County" - Tracy

Paige Vannicola Administrative Officer

"Adam would make a great Treasurer because he cares about taxpayers. He has dedicated his time as Deputy to making processes more efficient because he understands how valuable their time is." - Paige

Ana Omaña Executive Assistant

"Adam has a proven track record and experience in the area. He has served as the Deputy Treasurer for the past 5 years. He cares for his local community and is committed to his work " - Ana

Cindy Monshizdeh

Tax Clerk IV

"There are several skills that are necessary for a person to competently be a County Treasurer. First and foremost, the desire to serve the public. Secondly, leadership skills that are tested and proven. Thirdly, the education for all aspects of the office - fiscal and state statutes, tax collection and knowledge of the changes that will affect all. Lastly, the desire to be innovative with technology to better serve the future with an understanding of current systems to benefit all citizens.

I believe that Adam Rains is the ideal person for the position of Douglas County Treasurer. He has all these skills and more. I encourage you to vote for Adam Rains in the Democratic primary on August 4th." - Cindy

If you want to add your name to the endorsement list, contact adamrainsfortreasurer@gmail.com